Patricia Steere

Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes

Patricia Steere is the host of the YouTube channel “Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes” which she started in mid 2015. She’s a flat earther, a vegan, a conspiracy realist, a cat lover and a natural health/beauty advocate who enjoys travel, art, books, movies, music, style, decor and design.

On her channel, you’ll meet flat earthers, enjoy interviews, panel shows and more. Her channel is for flat earthers, and the flat earth curious. She believes that no matter your spiritual or political belief, your age, your socioeconomic condition, your sex, your race, or your location on the plane- flat earth truth is for us all.

Patricia Steere is a former radio dj and former boutique clothing store owner. She grew up in Michigan and Florida but was born in Washington, having also lived in Southern and Northern California as well as Louisiana. She now resides in Texas.

-Keep it flat!


My Sessions

My Sessions

The 2018 Flat Earth Video Awards

Main Stage

The LIVE 2018 Flat Earth Video Awards Show hosted by Mark Sargent & Patricia Steere. The “Flattys” Who will win this year? So many amazing contributors! Good luck! Here are the winners of the 2017 Flat Earth Video Awards hosted by FEIC in Raleigh, NC. Get your tickets for FEIC2018 @ http://FE2018.com/tickets 1. Best FE Proof […]


Women in Flat Earth

Workshop Stage

This workshop session is for women only! Patricia, Karen & Cami will be hosting a Q&A Panel Comments