The 2018 Flat Earth Video Awards

Main Stage

The LIVE 2018 Flat Earth Video Awards Show hosted by Mark Sargent & Patricia Steere. The “Flattys”

Who will win this year? So many amazing contributors! Good luck!

Here are the winners of the 2017 Flat Earth Video Awards hosted by FEIC in Raleigh, NC. Get your tickets for FEIC2018 @

1. Best FE Proof experiment
Rob Skiba

2. Best short video under 10 minutes

3. Best video under 60 minutes
Hibbeler Productions

4. Best full length video

5. Best street interview
Beyond the imaginary curve

6. Best video series
Ajaycee 1844

7. Best newcomer
Infinite Plane Society

8. Best Globe vs FE debate
DITRH and Jeranism vs NASA & Space X

9. Best FE introductory video

10. Worst NASA mistake
Mike Helmick

11. Best dome vid
Feed Your Mind…/UCB1Xo-21g5dzPqH_pg0lLkQ/featured

12. Best infinite plane vid
The Morgile

13. Best FE chatroom
Bro Sanchez

14. Best Hangout

15. Best Moderator
Ukdena Walker

16. Best channel name
Flat Water Flat Earth

17. Best FE studio

18. Worst FE studio
Poncho Pete

19. Best FE meetup organizer

20. Best FE Billboard organizer
Marisa Keeland & Chad Norman
Flat Earth billboard Tulsa

21. Best video trailer
Robbie Davidson

22. Best Camera footage
Chris Van Matre…/UCGHF5iXb_m5Kvt9KAf8cROA/videos

23. Best FE meetup video
Denver by Earth Pond…/UCI4jsGCWBip9m4Rs0aXnEuQ/videos

24. Fastest growing channel
D marble

25. Best Channel Intro/Animation
Karlee Sunshine

FE Music

26. Cover
Flat Earth–Mind Control to Major Tom

27. Comedic Song
Flatline by BoB

28. Female Vocalist
Hello Adele HELLO Flat Earth
Amber Plaster

29. Male Vocalist
Flat Earth Man is back! – ‘Puppet Show” – an ISS exposé – FUNNY

30. Tiger Dan award
Tiger Dan, of course

31. Best FE Research Group
FE CORE – Mike Cavanaugh, Steve Torrence & Dr. Zack