Unrepentant Artist
Unrepentant Artist
  • After researching for a short time, the concept that we live on a flat plane(no “t”) became more obvious. it wasn't long before I was totally convinced! Though I know it to be true I keep looking, which includes those who try to debunk the Flat Earth model, or, those who can’t seem to prove that we live on a spinning ball. I still seek new ideas, proofs and confirmations. 

  • My study inspired me to make a 3-D FE pendant, which includes a gold sun & silver moon that actually spin around the flat plane. The green onyx represents the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole and the deep blue water is pure plexiglass! 

  • * Master MetalArtist & Published Jewelry designer/manufacturer, works in silver/gold metals, or other materials. 40+ yrs of self-taught.
    * Brick and mortar gallery in Fairplay, Colorado (South Park). Funk n Fun!
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