Gordon Rocket Company
Gordon Rocket Company

The Gordon Rocket One is a new approach to an efficient wood-fired stove and space heater.  It provides safe, radiant heat and a clean cooking surface for patio fun, camping, hunting, beach cookouts or expeditions.

A kitchen and heater on-the-go with nearly 10x the efficiency in fuel use.  Incredible low-smoke/particulate emission.  Easy-to-light, safe, secure, dependable.  Boil, bake, fry or BBQ outdoors.

The Gordon Rocket One is also a must-have product for any shelter-at-home, self-sufficiency scenario – allowing your family to eat and stay warm during local electrical outages or major grid-down events.

We accept PayPal, all Cards and soon BitCoin.  Delivery can be one week, but allow four weeks maximum as these are hand-built, one-off units.