Robbie Davidson

Celebrate Truth

Robbie Davidson is the President of Kryptoz Media & Flat Out Truth Productions which has produced groundbreaking documentary films such as The Global Lie & Scientism Exposed reaching millions of people across the world on his YouTube Channel: Celebrate Truth.

He is also the founder & organizer of the Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC). With a passion for media & film making his desire is to help expose the world’s lies while pointing people to the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). He was not always a man of faith. Much of his early education and worldview was held by the “so called truth” of what science had taught him.

After becoming a Christian at the age of 21 he attended Northwest Baptist College and has been involved in various faith-based media organizations. Robbie lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada and is married to Rachel and has two daughters, Kiara and Sophia.

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My Sessions

Day Two FE2018 Kick Off

Main Stage

Kicking off day 2 of FE2018 with FEIC founder Robbie Davidson. Shortly after our Master of Ceremonies Rick Hummer shares some news with you all. Comments


Flat Earth & The Bible Panel Q&A

Main Stage

Flat earth and the Bible Panel. What does the Bible say about creation and the Creator? You’ll have a chance to ask questions. Hosted by Robbie Davidson with Rob Skiba, Zen Garcia, Nathan Roberts, Chad Taylor & Pastor Nate Wolfe. Comments


Closing Remarks

Main Stage

FE2018 Kick Off

Main Stage

Kicking off the 2nd annual Flat Earth International Conference (USA) 2018 with founder & organizer Robbie Davidson. Shortly after the introduction to the Master of Ceremonies, Rick Hummer. Comments