Patricia Steere

Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes

“Flat Earth And Other Hot Potatoes” is hosted by me, Patricia Steere. I’m a flat earther, vegan, conspiracy theorist and a cat lover. On my shows, meet flat earthers, enjoy interviews, panel shows and more. It’s a show for flat earthers, and the flat earth curious.

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Topics: flat earth, the creator, NASA, the ISS, satellites, asteroids, meteors, lack of curvature, maps, 9/11, false flags, hoax events, the NWO, the oil scam, free energy, the banking scam, the occult, sacred geometry, gematria, secret societies, illuminati, urine therapy, fasting, veganism, earthing, vaccines, chemtrails, GMO’s, sun gazing, mainstream media propaganda, AIDS, HIV, hallucinogenics, hemp, cannabis, colloidal silver, baking soda, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, borax, ormus, curing cancer and other diseases naturally, not voting, opting out of mainstream society as much as possible, sprinkled with friendship, kindness, love and my three cats.

-Keep it flat!


My Sessions

My Sessions