Nathan Roberts

Flat Earth Doctrine

Nathan Roberts has followed Jesus Christ since he was six-years-old. Called by God to be a Cosmological Evangelist, he preaches Flat Earth Doctrine which is drawing atheists to the God of the Bible and strengthening Christian’s faith in God’s Word. Nathan is the author of “The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth: A Comprehensive Biblical Perspective” and children’s book “Earth is Flat like the Mat!” For more information please visit his website, www.FlatEarthDoctrine.com.


My Sessions

14+ Ways the Bible Says Flat Earth

Workshop Stage

Do you trust God’s Word to be Faithful and True? Have you ever considered what the authors of the Bible, who were inspired by God, wrote about regarding the shape of the Earth? Does God’s Word even mention the topic? Are NASA’s claims and the mainstream Scientific Community in complete alignment with God’s Word, or […]


Flat Earth & The Bible Panel Q&A

Main Stage

Flat earth and the Bible Panel. What does the Bible say about creation and the Creator? You’ll have a chance to ask questions. Hosted by Robbie Davidson with Rob Skiba, Zen Garcia, Nathan Roberts, Chad Taylor & Pastor Nate Wolfe. Comments