David Weiss


David Weiss is renewable energy business man and avid kiteboarder from the east coast. He always questioned the reality of the world he lives in. On September 11, 2001 he was heading out the door to fly out of LGA airport in NYC when he saw the news. From his location he had a clear view across the long island sound of lower manhattan and realized from that moment that what we are told by the MSM is not reality.

He hosted a weekly podcast for 3 years called Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole which discussed many different deceptions that the MSM and TPTB cast over the population. Then in early 2015 he started looking at the what he thought was the most ridiculous topic, the flat earth. After trying to debunk it for several weeks he quickly became aware that our earth is stationary and flat and NASA is 100% a fraud. David makes short videos to give newbies to FE enough information to be willing to watch a longer more in depth video. His YouTube channel is DITRH.

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