Chad Taylor

Where Are We?

Chad Taylor is the founder of Rustic Trail Productions LLC. Chad has always had a passion for art in various forms and through his business he is able to share his vision with the world.

Chad is a Jesus follower, Biblical researcher, entrepreneur, husband and father. Over the years he has been a business coach and public speaker as well.  In December of 2017, after nearly two

years of effort, Chad released the groundbreaking book; “Where Are We? Earth according to the Bible.”  With over 100 illustrated examples, it shows once and for all how the Bible actually describes earth.




My Sessions

Where Are We? Earth According to the Bible

Workshop Stage

Flat Earth & The Bible Panel Q&A

Main Stage

Flat earth and the Bible Panel. What does the Bible say about creation and the Creator? You’ll have a chance to ask questions. Hosted by Robbie Davidson with Rob Skiba, Zen Garcia, Nathan Roberts, Chad Taylor & Pastor Nate Wolfe. Comments