Bob Knodel


Bob Knodel is a professional electrical engineer of 35 years with background in RF, terrestrial microwave, satellite ground station, and computer systems. He is also an FCC licensed broadcast engineer, an Amateur Extra class HAM radio operator, and a commercial/instrument/MEL licensed pilot.
Bob has researched ‘conspiracy theories’ for over 20 years and has come to the conclusion that most conspiracy ‘theories’ go far into the realm of conspiracy fact. Upon that realization Bob has never looked back and has continued to research the many lies perpetrated on society to this day.
On July 25, 2015 Bob teamed up with Jeran Campanella of the ‘Jeranism’ channel to start the popular You Tube channel GLOBEBUSTERS and has been investigating the unlikelihood of the spherical earth model. Bob is now a full on ‘flat earther’ and has dedicated his time to presenting the more technical aspects of the flat earth model along with Jeran and Jon Christopulos of ‘The Morgile’ You Tube channel.

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My Sessions

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